About the Rocky Mountain Churchillians

The Rocky Mountain Churchillians will:

  • PERPETUATE and share knowledge and understanding of the life and great deeds of Sir Winston Spencer Churchill;
  • GATHER for occasional programs and camaraderie that encourages the study of the life and thought of Winston S. Churchill;

  • ADVANCE knowledge of Winston S. Churchill’s example as a statesman of prescience through development and participation in outreach programs including connections with students of all ages;

  • COOPERATE with The Churchill Centre and other organizations, institutions, groups or individuals where necessary or desirable in carrying out the purposes and objectives of RMC.

The vision of Chuck and Linda Platt brought about the organization of the Rocky Mountain Churchillians. Chuck, as a member of the Board of   Governors and Vice President of the Churchill Centre of Washington, D.C., believed that a local chapter of the Centre would serve the interest of many in the greater Denver area and more distant surroundings. At Chuck and Linda’s invitation, several individuals known to be interested in Winston S. Churchill were brought together. As a tribute to Chuck, who died in August of 2006, his insight proved valid, for we now have a functioning organization, The  Rocky Mountain Churchillians. Collectively we sorely miss Chuck, as do the multitude of his friends and associates. Linda Platt has been designated Honorary Chairwomen of our organization.

The Rocky Mountain Churchillians is a Colorado non-profit corporation as of March 29, 2006. By August 10,2006  the Rocky Mountain Churchillians had met all the requirements to be designated an Affiliate of The Churchill Centre, Washington, D.C.. As an Affiliate we increase our professional status through this elevated association with The Churchill Centre whose reach extends around the world. Currently the Churchill Centre with a membership of over 2700, is host to six Affiliates and some fifteen other non-Affiliate organizations in the United States. In addition, the Centre is allied with Churchill organizations in the Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Portugal. See more about The Churchill Centre on our site at CHURCHILL CENTRE or the web site: http://www.winstonchurchill.org.

The makeup of the committee responsible for carrying out the functions of the  Rocky Mountain Churchillians may be viewed on the page:  CONTACTS.


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